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Let’s talk low maintenance plants

Morning friends!! I had TONS of feedback on an Instagram post that you guys wanted to know about easy to care for houseplants that you don’t need the greenest of thumbs to keep alive. So here we go!

First let me start out by saying that our home does not get the brightest most beautiful light. It’s pretty dark actually. We have a 1960’s split level house & the sun runs along the back side of our house from east to west. We have HUGE trees in our front yard shading the natural light that would come into our windows & the back of our house only has our kitchen window, a small bathroom window, & our bedroom window. So…this info is based on our not so hot lighting conditions. I would think MOST homes have a better natural light scenario than ours.

The placement of my plants isn’t based solely on the best sunlit spots either. It’s based on my styling choices. If a particular plant is looking puny, I’ll bring it to the kitchen window for a few hours every day for some more sunlight. Sometimes even outside in open shade.

So let’s get into just couple of my favorite low maintenance plants, especially for those of us that might not have the greenest of thumbs.

Snake Plant (Mother-in-laws tongue)

couch from Article & marble coffee table from Article

rug from RugsUSA

I love this plant because I feel like it’s a statement plant. It’s leaves stand tall & makes an impact to any lil spot you put it in b/c it’s leaves are so sharp & pretty! They like to be ignored almost. Their soil should be dried out between waterings. If I’ve ever killed a snake plant, it’s bc I watered it too much. They can pretty much tolerant any lighting condition. I have two on our bedside nightstands & they pretty much get zero natural light b/c of the placement of our windows in our bedroom. I also have another one that sits on the floor away from any windows. They are all still alive & have been for like a year!

Something else I love about this plant is that it is a natural air purifier. Most plants continue to use oxygen at night but the snake plant gives off oxygen at night! So thats why we have them on our nightstands! So this is a GREAT plant to start with if you are wanting to make your thumb greener.


Pothos (Devils Ivy)

chandelier from Lucent Light Shop

This is my absolute favorite trailing plant. Im a sucker for trailing plants b/c I love to set them on shelves & have their leaves growing all over the place! I have 4 or 5 of these guys in our house b/c they are SO easy to care for & they grow the quickest! They also do really well is low light which is my situation. I also love when a plant “talks” to you & tells you what it needs & this is one of those plants. Their leaves will curl & wilt when they need some water. So I usually wait until they talk to me & then give them a drink then. They are also tolerant of fluorescent light so they do well in office environments too. They also increase humidity & replace carbon dioxide with oxygen! So they are pretty high up on the list of plants that purify the air!

So those are two of my go-to low maintenance plants that will give anyone with a brown thumb a boost of confidence & a pretty green baby for their spaces!

If you’d like to know more or anything else about decorating with plants or specific plants in general, comment or shoot me a message on Instagram!