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Live Botanical Skincare Review

My first green beauty post & I couldn’t be more excited!! If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you might know that I did a huge overhaul on my wellness & beauty items a couple years ago for health reasons. The last couple years have been full of trial & error to find the right clean green beauty products that actually perform on my super temperamental skin. Now, I have a nice handful of amazing brands that I absolutely love certain items from that have become my HG’s (holy grails) but thats for another blog post.

Today I wanna talk to you guys about this beautiful brand Live Botanical. I love Carolyn’s approach to skincare. It’s all about connecting with nature. She is actually a herbalist & knows her stuff about all things botanicals & how they work for our skin. I love the education behind the ingredients in skincare so that totally geeks me out. You can read about her philosophy here but it’s truly inspiring.

green beauty, non toxic skincare

To Live Beautiful – Formulas are rooted in creating balance and harmony, to enhance what makes you uniquely beautiful. Our goal is to incorporate the beauty and wonder of nature into your daily self care rituals.” -Carolyn, founder of Live Botanical

So here is a little info about my skin so you know what I’m combating. It’s prone to redness, breakouts, large pores, extra oiliness, dryness in some areas…the whole gambit of things. So my skincare goal is not feel like I need to cover anything up & have clear balancing skin. So that is ALWAYS my goal with my regimen & products I use.

Carolyn sent me a beautiful balanced regimen to try & I’ve been testing it for over a month now to see how my skin reacts & improves. All I can say is that my skin has NEVER looked this good. No lie. I’m legit floored with how they are working for my typically moody skin. So here is what I have been using for a month solid. green beauty, non toxic skincare

So I have been a HUGE fan of oil cleansing for a couple years now. I’ve tried several brands but this might be my HG for a while…

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The Luna Lemon Balm + Hemp Seed Nourishing Cleansing Oil. The texture is silky & the scent is so soothing. It’s base is hemp seed oil & sunflower seed oil which is wonderful for balancing skin, reducing inflammation, & pumping skin. YES please to all that. It’s also packed with other calming oils like chamomile, rose, & lavender. My skin LOVES this! I put a few pumps in my dry hands & massage it all over my skin face while taking deep breaths to calm & relax. Then I take a washcloth & put it under pretty hot water & press that onto my face for a few minutes to open my pores even more & let those oils in & then I wipe the oil away gently. The result is hydrated, never dry glowing skin!

I use the AER Aloe + Green Tea Gel Cleanser in the mornings as my morning cleanser.  My favorite thing about this cleanser is just what Carolyn states in it’s description:

“With acne prone and sensitive skin, harsh cleansers and over exfoliation can cause long term damage to the skin.  Focusing on supporting your skin’s inflammatory response will help reduce breakouts and prevent scarring when eruptions do occur.” -Live Botanical site

Absolutely true! I’ve noticed this BIG time in my skincare regimen! This cleanser smells refreshing & is great for my morning routine! It’s base is aloe so it’s sooo soothing!

Next up is the Luna Rose + Seaberry Nourishing Moisture Elixir. Toner is crucial for balancing back out your skin’s ph levels. This one is EXTRA special.

“Hydrating serum and toner in one with a blend of botanicals to moisturize and balance dry skin. Humectant properties in the sea kelp is a rich mineral filled moisturizer that holds water to the skin.  Blended with nourishing oils of rose-hip, seaberry and squalane create a protective layer to repair the skin while imparting a healthy glow.” -Live Botanical site

I use this toner after the gel cleanser in the morning & also after I’ve applied all makeup for the day to add a little dewiness. It smells like roses & happiness. I even spray some one Josie after a day at the pool because it’s so soothing.


And now for my two favorites…

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The Fleur De Terra Clary Sage + Chamomile Calming Serum & AER Pumpkin + Calendula Clearing Face Oil 

green beauty, non toxic skincare

These two are like magic to my skin.

I apply the calming serum following my toner & then the clearing oil immediately after that. These two are packed with ingredients that make so much sense for troubled skin. So many healing botanicals in the calming serum like rose, chamomile, french clary sage, calendula,helichrysum & so much more. You’ve gotta read about the ingredients yourself! This has calmed my redness so where I don’t look like I got sunburned with sunglasses on!

And the skin clearing oil… gosh this little bottle is amazing. And it’s only $10! Pumpkin seed oil is the main key here to clear skin. The omega 3 & 6 fatty acids add moisture & are super anti-inflammatory to aid in the prevention & healing of breakouts. Zinc & selenium fight acne & and support those collagen levels. Hello healthier skin! Calendula is a super astringent, is anti-microbial, & anti-inflammatory.

Lemme tell you something… I didn’t even have my usual monthly angry hormonal breakout this past month since using this line! WHAT?!

See a pattern here…all the anti-inflammatory herbal goodness to heal that troubled skin! All the yes!

I’ve been able to go out to run errands with out the urge & need & even desire to cover up my skin & that is a HUGE victory for me!

If you have any questions, I’d love to help or you can email Carolyn & she will guide you through her line. She’s such a gem!

Thank you Carolyn for letting me experience your amazing skincare. I am so in love & can’t wait to add more Live Botanical to my regimen! Also, be sure to use the code “AMBER15” for 15% OFF your order!